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I'm helping with props and make-up on this, please consider donating!  This is just a demo opening, but check it out!  

From Indiegogo- 

Our Story

When the world is dying...how far would you go for love?

The dead walk -- and are hungry.

In one small Midwestern town, the residents have learned to cope as best they can.

Meggie lost her husband, Quint, during the early days of the living dead plague. She now lives a life of quiet horror and desperation, for her mother-in-law will do anything to help the family adjust to this new world. Even the unspeakable ...

"Abed," by two-time Bram Stoker Award-winning author Elizabeth Massie, was first published in 1992 in STILL DEAD: BOOK OF THE DEAD 2. Edited by John Skipp & Craig Spector.  STILL DEAD was the sequel to their worldwide bestselling BOOK OF THE DEAD anthology. The BOOK OF THE DEAD volumes were collections of short stories set in the universe of George A. Romero's original zombie trilogy (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD,  DAWN OF THE DEAD and  DAY OF THE DEAD.) 

"Abed" caused much controversy upon its release due to its unflinching, and horrific sexual imagery. Director Ryan Lieske promises to maintain the integrity of the story, without ever devolving into cheap exploitation. That said, the film (and story) are not for the squeamish. It will contain strong, graphic violence and disturbing sexual situations. 

"Abed" has been adapted for the screen by award-winning writer/director Ryan Lieske (CLEAN BREAK, DOWN TO SLEEP). It is being produced by multiple Bram Stoker Award-nominee Philip Nutman, author of WET WORK and CITIES OF NIGHT. Nutman also co-wrote and co-produced the acclaimed film version of JACK KETCHUM'S THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, and is a longtime contributor to FANGORIA magazine. Jenny Lasko, who worked with Lieske on the short film DOWN TO SLEEP, is producing alongside Nutman. 

Composer of the music for "Abed" is Tom Ashton, co-founder of legendary Goth band The March Violets.

The film stars Rachel Finan and Daniel E. Falicki. Finan is an actress, dancer and performer who regularly tours the country as part of the Super Happy Funtime Burlesque. Falicki is the director of the award-winning cult classic GR30K.  The film is currently in pre-production. More information regarding cast and crew will be posted SOON! FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ELIZABETH MASSIE AND HER WORK, PLEASE VISITwww.elizabethmassie.com

The Impact

We are aiming to make a short film with a high budget look on minimal money. This is where we need your support: every $ donated will go up on the screen.

This is how we will use your contributions:

We want authentic-looking zombies. We want you to BELIEVE them when you see them.

50-60% Goes to the zombies.

10-20% Art Department

The rest?

Talent* and crew** hotdogs and general expenses. (We cannot live on flesh, alone)

We will get cranking, post our progress, and you can witness your contributions come to Un-dead Life before your eyes. (We have secured an ideal location: a 150 year-old farm house on 17 acres; basically, we have our own film studio.)

*The nature of the film? Take that into consideration. They deserve it. If you do not know the nature? Read Massie's short. You will probably start following this, even if you don't want to.

**Exception of the vegan crew member.

What We Need & What You Get

$2,500 gets us started with the long hours we are putting our crew through, to pull off the extensive body-work actor Dan Falicki will be enduring. (Dan, another film maker, has graciously offered himself as sacrifice for the project...).

But wait! Dan is not all.

If you haven't read the short story, we will forgive you...but not for long. This film will make you want to...

Zombies !!!

We need zombies. (Yes, you can be in the movie -- see future donation incentives for details...but we need to get the money ball rolling first...)

We need you and your gracious contributions, to feed, clothe, and shelter our zombies.

Michigan winter is coming soon, and these poor withering zombies, will be without basic needs. The very basic needs you take for granted, daily.


Your contributions directly impacting the lives the un-living, allowing them a few more weeks to go, feasting on the rodents we do not want entering our house.


Think of what your contributions can do, for the greater good of the post-life humanity.

Other Ways You Can Help?

If you are familiar with the story, our films, fans of cast or crew, or new to any of us, but?  Many folks in this economy are broke....so spread the word. We need money, but spreading the good news about this film means a lot, too. We want the excitement we're experiencing to become contagious.

Our cast and crew live on the creepy vibes we spread, and we are in the process of finding the last few crew members like us to fill in the holes and help spread the weird love we are getting and giving on this project.

"Abed" will shock you. Stun you. Haunt you...and break your heart if it hasn't already been eaten.

Join us on a journey into the dark heart of the soul...


West 2









Boredom in the car, taking photos of headlights on the way home from Bay City New Years Day.  Edited in photoshop


Underpainting. Building layers.

Rabbit skin glue, gesso, black hair dye, oil and oil washes on wood.  
Quick photos, shitty lighting.



Plagued by bad dreams the past few weeks.  Always the same theme, tornadoes or other weird sky phenomena, and.... bears.  To this day I still don't understand why I dream about bears.  Every time I do, I'm in my childhood home, somewhat familiar, but never quite right.  The bears are always heard/seen outside the windows.  I really don't know why they disturb me so.  I've had nightmares with bears since I was a kid.  They never hurt me, but they are always outside, waiting, watching, out of place, keeping me inside.  

Tornadoes I understand.  They signify turmoil, chaos, things I cannot control.  

Perhaps bears just symbolize a need for me to hibernate.  Be introspective.  Stay inside.  Be isolated.  

Okay, time to watch Grizzly man.  

Underpainting in process
Not sure where I'm going with this one, but it sure looks goth as fuck.  Seriously, skulls and bats?   What is wrong with me?



P1140231Read more...Collapse )

More experiments:
 Finally figured out how to recreate the bubbles. (sorta, not big enough though)  


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Sometimes accidents have cool results:
 Dyed my hair late last night...  Was super tired so I didn't pay much attention to the fact that the water wasn't draining quickly out of the tub.  Woke up this morning to a huge beautiful mess of black suds.  (Which thankfully washed away with bleach.)  Really wish I could mimic this with drawing or painting...rather inspired to try.



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